The Vamps did a Youtube Stars version of Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) in aid for the Teenage Cancer Trust!!! Go check it out! It’s seriously great!!! (x)

The Vamps - Can We Dance (Capital Live Session)

The Vamps on Tricked

i actually have tears in my eyes when it happened then i regained my happiness 

@thevampscon I’m still in bed I love it.

Hello everyone, I would like to say thank you to every one of my followers for following me. I made this blog a year and a half ago but have been following the boys since their Little Things cover and never stopped loving them since then. 

I reached 10k a month ago but I decided to make a follow forever today (sorry for the slack hahaha). So yeah, THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING ME AND REBLOGGING AND LIKING MY EDITS. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.


Below are some of my favourite vamps blogs, I have been following some of them since I made this blog so if you haven’t already, you should follow them all!

(in no particular order)

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and of course wearethevamps, jamesmcvey, connorsdiary, joemanager, itsdeansherwood, and waddysolomonofficial for being part of the vamps n crew.

(if i miss anyone i am so sorry)


Whatever happens, you can always say that we were our little secret


Hello my darlings. I’ve been in this fandom since LWWY cover, putting up with those three (later four) bastards who are constantly ruining my life to this very day.

This blog has already reached 25K followers and I wanna cry because I don’t even deserve all the attention you give to me. Anyway, thank you very much, I appreciate every single one of you.

M Y  F A V E S  R I G H T  H E R E :

This is actually a new thing for me as I don’t usually write about people and their blogs but my favourite “newcomer” (or how to say it) is meetdavamps. I mean, I love your edits and blog so much, even though we don’t speak at all. :D It’s something like a secret admiration, haha. 

So guys, you should check her blog out!

Aaaaaand here we go (no particular order):

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And this is my 25,000th follower: princess-sadness :)


Cristine, thank you so much and congratulations on your 25k+ followers! Your blog is so amazing and it’s one of the blogs i followed first. I love you so much x